KALi Group Session

Experience the joy and bliss possible with this beautiful transmission of energy in a group setting. locations vary, please see schedule for classes coming soon. Cost $60

KALi Private Session

Enjoy the benefits of Kundalini Activation Light Integration in a private setting. Allow your inner world to experience the tranquility and bliss that comes with this powerful transmission of energy. Time will be spent integrating your experience after the energy session to help you fully absorb the potential changes taking place within. Cost $225

Transformational Coaching Session

Whether you're seeking to strengthen your relationships, heal emotional wounds, or find inner peace and balance, Rachel is your trusted guide on the path to transformation. With a heart full of empathy and a toolkit full of therapeutic and energy healing techniques, she is committed to helping you uncover your true potential and live a life filled with love and happiness. Contact Rachel@soul-mind-body.info today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Your journey to healing, transformation, and discovery of your best self is waiting. Cost $155